About us
Global Media Printing
 is a professional printing solutions and book binding services provider.

  With its headquarters and 4 production plants in south part China, Global Media Printing
s annual value of production is more than hundreds million RMB.

  We are one-up in quality, output and even manufacture techniques.


  Global Media Printing is improving itself along with the development of Printing Industry and Packaging Industry.

  We mastered a lots of great techniques that help ourselves and our customers from all around the world to optimize the production and lower down the cost.

  With the accreditations that we acquired, we can manage all the demands from our customers.


ISO 9001

ISO 14001




Costco GMP/COC


Major Product Lines:

  With the great supports of our 4 production plants, Global Media Printing covers a wide production field. Pushing the limit by our customers’ demands, we always fulfil our customers’ expectations in time, in quality and quantity.

Board Books Activity Books/Sets Note Books Table/Wall Calenders Wire-O/Spiral Books
Box Sets Bathing Books Board Games
Game Cards
Memo Stickers Glue Free Stickers
Pop-ups Hardcover books Puzzles Sticker Books Exclusive


Our promises:

  We own the sate-of-art sampling machines and systems, and they allow us to save the time and cost for the pilot sampling. The customizable production lines and machineries, guarantee the on-time delivery and really competitive offer for our customers. 

CTPs auto output system     3 sets
8C printing machine     1 set
5C printing machine     1 set
4C printing machine     6 sets
2C printing machine     2 sets
Cutting paper machine     10 sets
Folding machine
Gathering machine
Sewing machine
    8 sets
    2 sets
    4 sets
Case making machine
Auto Hardcover binding line
Auto paper back binding line
Saddle stitch binding line
    3 sets
    2 sets
    1 set
    2 sets
Auto wire O binding line
Semi-wire O binding line
Auto diecut machine
6 Auto stamping machine
Laminated machine
    2 sets
    3 sets
    4 sets
    6 sets
    2 sets
Auto board book line
Auto game cards machine line
Auto puzzles machine
Punching machine
    1 set
    3 sets
    4 sets
    3 sets